TRIM. Metalworking Fluids. For more than 60 years TRIM® metalworking fluids has lead the industry for all types of cutting and grinding operations. Known worldwide for superior performance, TRIM meets the demands of specialized industries such as automotive, aerospace, and medical parts manufacturers.

For the full range of cutting and grinding applications for synthetics, semisynthetics, and soluble oils, TRIM delivers longer tool and sump life, better finished parts, and a better bottom line.
MicroSol. MicroSol® Products. For ultimate performance:

TRIM®  MicroSol® semisynthetic microemulsion coolants deliver high-performance lubricity and ultimately lowers costs. Achieve precision parts, exceptional tool life, extended sump life, assured regulatory compliance, and greater profitability with the MicroSol product just right for your production.

Designed to meet the rigorous demands of the aerospace, medical, automotive, or high production, precision parts manufacturing industries, there's a MicroSol to answer your concerns, ramp up your production, and boost your bottom line.
Emulsions. Emulsion Cutting & Grinding Fluids. Geared up for production:

With superior mechanical lubricity and a higher oil content, TRIM® emulsions provide a greater boundary layer between the tool and the material. Emulsions are ideal for lower, less than 600 SFPM, applications such as broaching, reaming, deep hole drilling, drilling, tapping, and centerless grinding. 

Emulsions work well for machining copper, yellow metals, steel alloys, cast aluminums, wrought aluminums, and tough-to-machine titanium and nickel-based alloys.

Gear up with the TRIM emulsion designed to meet your production needs.
Semisynthetics. Semisynthetic Cutting & Grinding Fluids. Cutting edge solutions:

TRIM® semisynthetics offer the cooling and lubricity of a synthetic without the higher oil content of an emulsion. Designed to operate at higher SFPM, semisynthetics perform well on many operations including face milling, cut-off turning, grinding, tapping, and drilling — depending on the specific product.

Semisynthetics are compatible with alloy steels, tool steels, cast irons, copper alloys, as well as plastics and composites. With less carryoff, semisynthetics use less material — it all adds up to lower costs.
Synthetics. Synthetics Cutting & Grinding Fluids. Peak your performance:

TRIM® clean-running synthetics contain little-to-no oil. They are hard-water tolerant with good corrosion protection. Plus, synthetics leave very low residue for easy cleaning. Paired with extremely low carryoff, synthetics translate to less maintenance and lower operational costs, saving you time and money.

Run clean and long with TRIM synthetics.
VHP. VHP® Product (Very High Pressure). Stand up to pressure:

TRIM® VHP® (Very High Pressure) fluids perform in high-volume, high-pressure applications with little to no foam. These specialized heavy-duty emulsions (or soluble oils) are used in very high-pressure operations where extreme lubrication is required.

VHP soluble oils provide the boundary lubrication necessary
in operations such as creepfeed grinding, drilling, milling, turning, tapping, or roll-form threading of multiple metals.

VHP soluble oils leave a soft, fluid film for easy cleaning, and lower maintenance costs.
Straight Oils. Straight Oil Cutting & Grinding Fluids. Straight to the point-of-cut:

TRIM® straight oils, used "straight up", without dilution of water, provide maximum lubricity. Typically used for operations such as Swiss-style screw machines, honing, grinding very difficult-to-machine materials, and gun drilling.

Depending on the specific product, some TRIM straight oils are a high-end blend of various base oils; while others contain extreme-pressure additives to control built-up edge and for added tool life.

Get straight to the cut with TRIM straight oils.
Straight Oils
High Performance Straight Oils. High Performance, Highest Purity Straight Oils. Tough water white grinding oils:

Use TRIM® high purity, high performance straight oils for tough carbide and HSS tool grinding.

Utilizing either highly refined hydrocracked base oils, fully saturated esters or a combination of the two ensures very low levels of mist, foam and consumption rates while delivering safe, high flash points. TRIM high performance straight oils provide excellent wheel flushing properties, good friction reduction qualities and workpiece cooling.

High purity delivers tough grinding performance.
High Performance Straight Oils
Tapping. Tapping Compounds. Added machinability:

With strong friction-reducing properties, TRIM® TAP synthetic and synthetic blend straight oils are made for metals of low machinability. For added lubricity on extremely tough jobs, TAP oils ensure longer tool life, excellent surface finish, and parts size control.

All TAP products are compatible with all TRIM coolants.

Don't get tapped out — put TRIM TAP fluids to work for you.
Honing. Honing Oils. For production honing and superfinishing operations. TRIM® Honing Oils can be used with a variety of work materials and stones.
Specialty. Specialty Fluids. Specially suited to your operation:

TRIM® specialty fluids are specifically tailored to unique needs, such as very high-pressure or high-volume applications, or to address specific code or approval requirements.

Whatever your problems or special needs, there is always a TRIM solution.
Additives. Cutting & Grinding Fluid Additives. The troubleshooters:

As cutting and grinding fluids can start to break down over time, tank-side additives can solve a number of problems. There are TRIM® tank-side additives compatible with most coolants to extend tap and tool life, improve mechanical lubricity, control built-up edge, prevent stained parts, control foam, stabilize the emulsion, and replenish dye.

Whatever your problems and concerns, ask your TRIM specialist if a tank-side additive could be the answer.
Master STAGES. Cleaning & RP Fluids. As effective cleaning and metal protection is essential to attaining precision parts and exceptional surface finish, Master STAGES' products include a full line of parts cleaners, corrosion inhibitors, and maintenance cleaners. Designed for aerospace, medical, automotive, energy exploration, heavy equipment, and general manufacturing production, these products meet stringent requirements to keep customers environmentally compliant, running at peak performance, and more profitable.
Have health and safety issues? Problems with foam? Rust? Coolant or oily residue on parts? High disposal costs?
Whether you are a mega-manufacturer or job shop, whatever your production problems and concerns, we have a performance-proven product specifically designed to meet your needs and make the real difference. It's the Master STAGES difference — the right solution for the job at the right price.
Cleaners. Master STAGES™ Cleaners & Washing Compounds. For single to multi-stage spray, high-pressure, immersion, and ultrasonics washers, Master STAGES™ highly-concentrated cleaners and aqueous-based washing compounds offer long sump life and tramp oil rejection, low foam, low mist, low carryoff, and biostability — many with no EP additives or SARA 313 reportable ingredients. Looking for onestep corrosion protection? Have problems with hard water? Or foam? Looking for cleaner parts at lower cost?
Cleaning residues from coolant and light oil? Or removing more stubborn grease, heavy oil, drawing compounds,
lubricants, waxy soil, oxidation, or rust? For metals ranging aluminum, steels, cast iron, stainless steels, alloys, brass, bronze, copper, to magnesium, there is a Master STAGES cleaner targeted to do the job.
Master STAGES line of synthetic and semisynthetic in-process sump and central system cleaners dramatically extend coolant life and remarkably reduce downtime.
And our hard-working maintenance cleaners get the grit and grime from machines, work surfaces, ceramics, plastics, glass, and floors — without harmful, corrosive, chemical compounds. Get it really clean with Master STAGES!
Spray. Spray Alkaline In-process Cleaners. By flooding parts with the chemical cleaner, spray cleaning offers a fast, effective way to remove soil, coolant, and oil residue from a variety of metals, and Master STAGES spray cleaners are specially tailored to do the job quickly, effectively, with less makeup, and no staining of parts. Master STAGES in-process spray cleaners are tough and fast-acting with very low V.O.C. and no SARA 313 reportable ingredients.
There's a Master STAGES spray cleaner specifically designed for cleaning residues ranging from coolant, light to heavy oil, grease, drawing compounds, lubricants, waxy soil, oxidation, or rust from metals ranging from aluminum, steels, cast iron, stainless steels, alloys, brass, bronze, copper, to magnesium.
Offering increased life, good tramp oil rejection, low odor, low foam, and low mist, and additional corrosion protection, highly-concentrated Master STAGES spray cleaners produce clean parts while reducing overall costs.
Immersion. Immersion Alkaline In-process Cleaners. Immersion washers effectively remove residue from light to heavy soils, light rust, coolant, oil, drawing compounds, lubricants, waxy soil, and corrosion inhibitors. Designed for cleaning aluminum, steels, cast iron, stainless steels, alloys, brass, bronze, copper, and magnesium and for multiple-metal situations, Master STAGES highly-concentrated cleaners allow immersion washers to run at lower concentrations and lower temperatures with increased bath life, less foam, and added corrosion protection.
Environmentally friendly, and free of SARA 313 reportable ingredients, cost-effective Master STAGES immersion cleaners ensure exceptional parts cleaning while using less product and less energy — for a better bottom line.
Ultrasonics. Ultrasonic Alkaline In-process Cleaners. Ultrasonic parts washers — widely used in the medical, aerospace, automotive, mining, energy, and precision parts
industries — offer results often far beyond that of traditional cleaning methods. Master STAGES specifically developed ultrasonic in-process cleaners are highly effective in removing dirt, oils, rust, bacteria, grease, drawing compounds, waxy soil, and other contaminants from a wide variety of metals.
Whether cleaning aluminum, steels, cast iron, stainless steels, alloys, brass, bronze, copper, or magnesium, Master STAGES has the ultrasonic in-process alkaline product to get it really clean.
Offering exceptional wetting ability, reduced cycle times, longer bath life, and faster, safer precision parts cleaning, yet are environmentally friendly and free of SARA 313 reportable ingredients, Master STAGES ultrasonic cleaners are the cost-effective solution to achieving a matchless surface finish.
Maintenance. Maintenance Cleaners. Whether cleaning true grit or light soil from machines, work surfaces, glass, or floors, there's a highly-concentrated, cost-effective Master STAGES cleaner to get the job done and save hours of maintenance. So, don't just get it clean — get it Master STAGES clean!
Master STAGES highly concentrated Whamex™ sump and central system cleaners for interim and full cleanouts extend sump life, are very cost effective, and greatly reduce downtime.
All Master STAGES environmentally-friendly products are safe for human contact and free of harmful, corrosive chemicals and troublesome SARA 313 ingredients.
Corrosion Inhibitors. Master STAGES™ Corrosion Inhibitors. Nothing is more counterproductive to superior surface finish than corrosion. Highly-effective Master STAGES corrosion inhibitors provide excellent protection on metals ranging from cast iron, steels, and other ferrous metals, aluminum and copper alloys, brass, and bronze with protection ranging from several days to a full 12 months and longer. Whether needing indoor corrosion protection during interim steps of the machining process, long-term outdoor protection, or for shipping parts overseas, there is a Master STAGES product to give you the assurance you need.
Master STAGES rust preventatives (RPs) can be applied by dip, flood coating, ambient-temperature or heated spraying, roller, or brush, are easily removed — and most are barium-free with low V.O.C. content. Get cost-effective protection you can rely on with Master STAGES RPs.
Corrosion Inhibitors
Synthetics. Synthetic Corrosion Inhibitors. Highly-concentrated and economical, Master STAGES™ synthetic corrosion inhibitors leave a thin, water soluble film to provide one-to-two months of rust and oxidation protection. Clean and very low foaming, Master STAGES synthetic corrosion inhibitors are barium-free with very low V.O.C. content.
Emulsions. Emulsion Corrosion Inhibitors. Protect metal parts from rust and oxidation for up to six months with super-concentrated, very economical Master STAGES™ emulsion corrosion inhibitors. Barium-free with very low V.O.C. content, environmentally friendly Master STAGES emulsion corrosion inhibitors are built for low-pressure spray, immersion, and dip applications.
Cleaners+RP. Cleaners+RP Corrosion Inhibitors. Master STAGES™ CLEAN family of advanced-technology products offer highly effective cleaning and with the same in-process "one-step" method, leave behind an effective, short-term, anticorrosive film.
Designed for specific metals, desired length of corrosion inhibition, and applications ranging from spray, immersion, ultrasonic parts, and dip tank cleaning, Master STAGES cleaners+RP inhibitors are all highly concentrated and economical, most with low foam and very low V.O.C. content.
Oil/Solvent. Oil/Solvent Corrosion Inhibitors. Master STAGES™ oil- or solvent-based corrosion inhibitors, or rust preventatives, are nonstaining, water displacing, and can be used on a wide variety of metals. Whether dipping or spraying, short or long term, there's a very highly concentrated, rugged Master STAGES corrosion inhibitor to give you the protection you need.
Case Studies
Industrial Fluid Solutions Expands Customer Offerings with TRIM<sup>®</sup> MicroSol<sup>®</sup> Products Industrial Fluid Solutions Expands Customer
Offerings with TRIM® MicroSol® Products
Wisconsin-based Industrial Fluid Solutions is a metalworking fluid distributor and fluid maintenance
service provider that sells to CNC machine shops, die casting companies, mold makers, and heavy
equipment manufacturers. Their customers range from small metalworking shops to large equipment and
component suppliers in the midwest.
When metalworking companies and manufacturers look
for industrial fluid, they generally take one of two positions:
either they want the best price, or they want the fluid that
offers the best performance. Most believe these qualities
are mutually exclusive.
Because many of IFS’s customers work in industries
like automotive and heavy equipment parts, their fluid
requirements are stringent. The products they use must
prevent corrosion, odors, foam, and dermatitis.
Industrial manufacturing companies throughout Wisconsin
and Illinois turn to IFS for fluid maintenance programs and
services. To meet the needs of their customers, IFS must
provide them with cutting fluids that not only work great,
but also eliminate specific complications like odor and tool
life issues — while still being cost-effective.
IFS began offering several products in the Master Fluid
Solutions’ TRIM® MicroSol® product line. These products
were formulated specifically to meet the needs of
modern manufacturing and have shown great results
in all industries. It allowed customers the ability to
machine both ferrous and non-ferrous metals at a price
point that worked for the customers. TRIM MicroSol’s
new technology increases sump and tool life, a definite
advantage for manufacturing facilities. Additionally, the
biostability and extreme pressure components allowed
it to be used in a variety of machining applications,
essentially replacing two products with a single solution.
For IFS, working with Master Fluid Solutions has provided
the support they need to offer customers both fluids and
services above and beyond their competition. Master
Fluid Solutions’ deep understanding of both customer and
distributor needs helps IFS consistently provide highquality
products for their customers’ unique applications.
In turn, IFS is able to build strong, long-lasting customer
By switching from two products to one, along with
increased tool and sump life, IFS’s customers have seen
savings of up to 30% annually on coolant after switching
to the TRIM MicroSol product family. Additionally, IFS has
consistently seen Master Fluid Solutions’ products win
after testing in production, increasing customer loyalty
and driving additional revenue.
©2019 Master Fluid Solutions. Master Fluid Solutions®, TRIM® and MicroSol® are registered trademarks of Master Chemical Corporation d/b/a Master Fluid Solutions. 2020-01-23
“Working with MFS has been a really positive
experience. We were able to offer another product
line, expand it with different options, and grow our
customer base with their support.”
– Courtney Green, Service Manager
30% Annual Savings
Signicast Improves Employee Morale with Master Fluid Solutions Signicast Improves Employee Morale
with Master Fluid Solutions
Signicast manufactures precision investment castings for a variety of industries, including firearms,
mining and oilfield, recreational vehicles, and aerospace. With three plants located in the United States
and three in Europe, Signicast can meet the needs of small to large runs of components for a wide range
of applications.
Biostability and customer service are the two main
factors that drive Signicast’s metalworking fluid purchases.
The fluid needs to avoid changing colors or developing
a bad smell, which can indicate the presence of harmful
bacteria or tramp oil and make for an unpleasant work
environment for employees. Signicast also wants to know
that its metalworking fluid provider will provide assistance
if needed.
Nonexistent customer service from a previous supplier
led Signicast to find a new provider. Its Milwaukee,
Wisconsin-area facility uses a 10,000 gallon system, and
the company needed to know that it would get technical
support when it had questions about managing its fluid.
After evaluating several metalworking fluid suppliers,
Signicast chose Master Fluid Solutions and its
TRIM® MicroSol® 585XT for its operations. TRIM
MicroSol 585XT does not require extra biocides or
fungicides to remain biostable. The District Sales Manager
from Master Fluid Solutions helped steer Signicast to the
correct fluid for its machines, was knowledgeable about
the product line and metalworking, and was confident that
the product would work.
TRIM® MicroSol® 585XT became part of Signicast’s overall
efforts to achieve longer tool life, and it certainly has
contributed to the initiative. The machines are cleaner and
do not have a brown sludge buildup, saving approximately
$16,000 per year in its main coolant system.
However, it’s Master Fluid Solutions’s customer service
that has really stood out to the company. When Signicast
has a question about how to improve its shop floor,
Master Fluid Solutions is there to provide information.
Master Fluid Solutions also sent in its own service
engineers to assist with discharge, clean, and recharge
(DCR) to ensure a proper, thorough and quick process.
Additionally, the biostability of TRIM MicroSol 585XT
has contributed to happier employees, who no longer
continually have to report problems with the fluid. This
takes the pressure off the Plant Engineer, who can focus
on proactively managing and maintaining equipment on
the shop floor and continue to reap the benefits of the
cost savings, turning that toward strategic initiatives.
“Master Fluid Solutions isn’t afraid to jump in and get
dirty. With them, it’s all about customer service.”
– Matthew Speier, Plant Engineer
©2019 Master Fluid Solutions. Master Fluid Solutions®, TRIM® and MicroSol® are registered trademarks of Master Chemical Corporation d/b/a Master Fluid Solutions. 2020-01-22
$16,000 Per Year Savings!
Seeing flawless parts and dramatic results with TRIM<sup>®</sup> MicroSol<sup>®</sup> 690XT premium microemulsion. www.masterfluidsolutions.com/na/en-us/
©2015-2019 Master Fluid Solutions. TRIM® and MicroSol® are registered trademarks of Master Chemical
Corporation d/b/a Master Fluid Solutions. 2020-01-06
TRIM® MicroSol® 690XT
Cuts to the Chase
General Manager Mike Mills, Sr.
Check out Mike Mills, Sr.’s video testimonial at
For more video interviews from our customers about
MicroSol 690XT performance, visit our web site at:
Seeing flawless parts and dramatic results with
TRIM® MicroSol® 690XT premium microemulsion.
Experiencing huge savings in time and costs.
For more than 30 years Hy-Speed Machining has been
producing quality, precision-machined parts primarily for the
commercial and military aerospace industry.
They had tapping issues on their CNC and lathes– having to
program stops in order to manually add tapping fluid.
And to go from water soluble synthetic for aluminum to a
straight cutting oil for Inconel®, they had to stop production
and clean the machines to make the switch.
They ran a trial on MicroSol 690XT and found dramatic results.
They no longer needed to waste time switching from straight oil
to coolant to run different metals because the MicroSol 690XT
did it all– whether milling, turning, or tapping 6061 or 7075
aluminum, steel, 316 stainless, 17-4, 440C heat-treated stainless,
or Inconel.
“We ran some tapping tests,” General Manager Mike Mills, Sr.
notes. “We went from 2-56, 4-40, 6-32, to 8-32 form taps to tap
30 holes each in a block of 6061 aluminum– without any issues
or need for tapping fluid at all– same tap no changes in speeds
and feeds. Then “we tapped 17-4 stainless on the lathes with it
without any extra tapping fluid. MicroSol 690XT has increased
the life of our taps dramatically, decreased our machine downtime,
and improved our production rates.”
MicroSol 690XT provided impressive results from the start.
First, they ran a small, 100-piece Inconel job. Rather than having
to switch their cutoff tool every 5 pieces, they ran the whole job
without changing it. With the flat-bottom, carbide drill going
800 thousandths deep, they ran all the parts on one drill –
rather than changing the drill for every 10 pieces as in the past.
Mills says MicroSol 609XT proved to be “a dramatic improvement,
cutting is just incredible, and on that small job alone we
saved about $3,000 on tooling costs.“ And that’s just one job!
Additionally, with the switch to MicroSol 690XT, Mills mentions
that the floors and machines are free of sticky residue and the
operators have had no problems with dermatitis.
The switch “saves us a lot over a year,” says Mills. Hy-Speed
Machine continues to run strong with MicroSol 690XT and could
not be more impressed with the difference to their bottom line.
Peak your performance and profits with MicroSol 690XT.
Flawless Parts
TRIM<sup®</sup> MicroSol<sup®</sup> 690XT has produced astonishing results for Hy-Speed Machining www.masterfluidsolutions.com/na/en-us/ ©2015-2019 Master Fluid Solutions. TRIM® and MicroSol® are registered trademarks of Master Chemical
Corporation d/b/a Master Fluid Solutions. 2020-01-06
TRIM® MicroSol® 690XT
Saves on Tooling
and Run Times
CNC Programmer Mike Mills, Jr.
Check out the video testimonial featuring Mike Mills Jr. and
others from Hy-Speed Machining at
For more video interviews from our customers about
MicroSol 690XT performance, visit our web site at
TRIM® MicroSol® 690XT has produced
astonishing results for Hy-Speed Machining
Making a big difference to the bottom line.
Hy-Speed Machining, an Oregon job shop whose majority of
work is for the aerospace industry, runs aluminum along with
lots of tough-to-machine Inconel® and other aerospace alloys.
Having to stop their CNC machines to add tapping fluid to cut
challenging metals was costing them a lot of money—
in production time and tapping fluid. With a successful trial,
they changed the whole shop over to MicroSol 690XT with
impressive results.
CNC programmer Mike Mills, Jr. has been amazed at the
difference in production and huge cost savings since their
switch to premium semisynthetic MicroSol 690XT.
Mills sites the new coolant’s performance with a recent job
cutting Inconel, “Since we switched to the MicroSol 690XT, we
were able to increase our surface footage, our speed rates, our
chip loads, and our tool life. We literally get up to six times the
tool life that we were getting with the former coolant. On this
one job, we went from 12 minutes per part down to four and
one-half minutes—with a tenth of the coolant cost.
“With this Inconel job,” he continues, “we use a $450 drill.
Before, we were going through four to five of them on the run
of 150 parts. With the MicroSol 690XT, we use ONE drill for
the entire run and it’s still good to run more parts! We definitely
have cut our tool and coolant costs down, sped the run time
up... we are looking at saving thousands of dollars on this job.”
That is just one example of the dramatic results they see with
MicroSol 690XT day in and day out.
“It has really changed our world here at Hy-Speed Machining, it
has been a great success for us,” adds Mike. “MicroSol 690XT has
helped our bottom line tremendously; with the savings on coolant,
tooling costs, the time it took to switch out tools, and the faster run
times, we’ll see savings of hundreds of thousands per year.
It’s incredible.”
See your profits soar with MicroSol 690XT.
Astonishing Results
Revved-up Performance: Global Automotive Crankshaft Manufacturer Saves Coolant Costs www.masterfluidsolutions.com/na/en-us/
Rev-up your
Have our team of Camshaft/
Crankshaft Grinding Experts
baseline your operation.
Call 800-874-0105 today
to improve your productivity
Downtime due to foaming
and bacteria was eliminated
and production is up.
Application Specifications
Grinder: Landis Multi-Wheel
Wheel: Norton SG
Material: powdered metal
Operation: journal grind
Filter: vacuum paper bed
©2019 Master Fluid Solutions. Master Fluid Solutions® and TRIM® are registered
trademarks of Master Chemical Corporation d/b/a Master Fluid Solutions. 2019-12-05
ReOvvveedr -tUhep LPoenrfgo rHmaaunl ce
Additional significant savings were realized by eliminating the need for costly additives
to reduce bacteria and foam levels. C270 reduced oil mist, kept the work environment
cleaner, improved part cleanliness for process gauging, and increased operator
acceptance. Now crankshaft and camshaft production is running smooth with C270.
When a world leader in automotive manufacturing
had a problem, TRIM® experts provided the solution.
Problem: A global automotive manufacturer’s crankshaft production at one facility fell
short of its 1500 crankshafts per day objective. Analysis proved further production time
was being lost due to foaming and heavy bacterial contamination of a heavy-duty
ester-based coolant.
Solution: TRIM® C270 proved the perfect solution. Independent testing confirms
C270 dissipates foam 13.9 times faster than the competition, and operates at a
very low bacteria level. The automotive manufacturer changed to C270 with
dramatic savings in coolant costs, water, filter media use, and downtime.
Coolant costs dropped by
$36,000 per year.
Water consumption
decreased 40%.
Filter media use down
over 30%.
$ $
$ $
Costs Dropped By $36,000
Zooming Production: Global Camshaft Producer Reduces Filter Media by over 98%
Filter Media Reduced 98%
Excel Manufacturing Boosted their bottom line with TRIM<sup>®</sup> MicroSol<sup>®</sup> 690XT www.masterfluidsolutions.com/na/en-us/ ©2015-2019 Master Fluid Solutions. TRIM® and MicroSol® are registered trademarks of Master
Chemical Corporation d/b/a Master Fluid Solutions. 2019-12-03
Here’s how TRIM® MicroSol® 690XT semisynthetic
outperformed expectations for Excel Manufacturing
MicroSol 690XT saves time and money
Brad Watts, Makino a81 operator, is thrilled with their change to
premium semisynthetic MicroSol 690XT. They had been using
two different coolants in their shop, one of which was targeted
specifically at their foaming issues. Now they were looking for
one high-performance solution that could do it all. After a threemonth
trial, Excel Manufacturing changed over their whole shop
to MicroSol 690XT.
They find MicroSol 690XT has provided much better lubricity
with low foam and much less coolant consumption. They had
been running their coolant with a high refractometer reading
in an effort to address their problem with excessive foam. Now
they run MicroSol 690XT at half the refractometer reading with
no foaming issues at all.
Brad Watts attests, “Even with the previous, reliable low-foam
coolant, foam would build up in the reserve wait area so
high that it coated the drum and caused the machine to go
into a low-coolant false alarm. With the MicroSol 690XT, foam
barely builds up, then breaks down quickly without a problem.
MicroSol 690XT is going to save us a lot of money... and
I’m really excited we got it shop-wide.”
Longer tool life and less foam with MicroSol 690XT
Maintenance supervisor Curt Metcalf tells us about their
successful three-month testing of MicroSol 690XT. “We tested
it on aluminum, cast iron, and ductal iron. It solved a reaming
problem we were having on aluminum, and we saw improved
tool life. Operators like the low chemical smell and the parts are
much cleaner.”
To resolve their foaming issues Curt says they had tried other
quality coolants, even those specially designed to be low-foam.
One premium microemulsion did solve the foam problems, but
resulted in shorter tool life. With excellent low-foam properties
and exceptional tool life, Curt says, “MicroSol 690XT does it all!”
Boost your profits and production with
MicroSol 690XT!
View testimonial for Bradford Watts, “MicroSol® 690XT Runs at About
Half the Concentration...” at
Check out video testimonial “Curt Metcalf Solves Reaming Problem
with MicroSol® 690XT” at
For more video interviews from our customers about MicroSol 690XT
performance, visit our web site at: www.microsol-690xt.com
TRIM® MicroSol® 690XT
Boosted their
Bottom Line
Maintenance Supervisor
Curt Metcalf
Makino a81 Operator Brad Watts
Boosted the Bottom Line
Arkansas Automotive Products Facility Cuts Costs by 30% with Master Fluid Solutions Arkansas Automotive Products Facility Cuts
Costs by 30% with Master Fluid Solutions
A Heber Springs, Arkansas facility, as part of a global company, focuses on suspension products for the
automotive industry using COBAPRESS™, gravity die casting, low-pressure casting, machining, and assembly.
The facility works with aluminum alloy.
Machine operators handle parts all day that are
saturated in metalworking fluid, and environmental health
and safety for these employees is a big concern for the
facility. Dermatitis not only affects employee morale but
also productivity.
Additionally, at a plant like this one, a lot of fluids are
used on a day-to-day basis. A significant driver for
choosing fluid is how to lower the cost per piece,
which in this case is how much metalworking fluid is
used to manufacture one part, measured in gallons of
The facility chose a TRIM® MicroSol® product that has
moderate to heavy lubricity, as well as low carry off on
the parts. It meets the health and safety standards set
by the company, as well as a cleanliness specification to
protect the state-of-the-art machines in the plant.
In addition to providing guidance for choosing fluid,
Master Fluid Solutions also came on-site to implement
service aspects to better control fluid management.
This included weekly fluid sampling and concentration
checks, as well as training for facility employees. This
ongoing on-site maintenance and education helps them
improve the life of their fluid.
The cost savings alone have proven that the TRIM®
MicroSol® fluid is ideal for the facility. The company was
able to slash its cost per piece by 30%, a savings of
approximately $180,000 per year or $540,000 over the
three-year contract signed with Master Fluid Solutions.
The facility is also seeing a cleaner working environment.
And as a result of the improved metalworking fluid
management techniques implemented alongside Master
Fluid Solutions, the company has also reduced the
need for service labor and floor maintenance due to
equipment failures.
Anticipated three-year savings: $540,000 with TRIM® MicroSol®
Cost Per Piece Slashed by 30%
Over the Long Haul: Commercial Truck and Van Engine Manufacturer Eliminated Rust Problem: This manufacturer’s engines are found in virtually every type of commercial
truck and van on the road today, yet they were using an inexpensive local coolant and
were plague with rusting parts and excessive foam. With poor sump life, their 6,500-
gallon central system needed to be dumped every three months.
Besides reducing overall coolant costs and related downtime, improvements include: no
more rusty parts to rework, reduced oil mist, cleaner parts and work area, and better
operator acceptance.
Solution: They needed a coolant that offered low foaming, long sump life, and rust
protection – TRIM® C270 was the solution. They made the switch and the system has
been up and running over eight months without needing to be dumped. Though the local
coolant was one-tenth the cost of C270, the switch to C270 has paid for itself already.
Is your
coolant good
for the long haul?
Have our team of Camshaft/Crankshaft
Grinding Experts baseline your
operation. Call 800-874-0105 today
to improve your productivity
Annualized coolant costs dramatically
reduced – payback in eight months.
Downtime for cleanouts down by 400
percent – from quarterly to ZERO.
Application Specifications
Grinder: Landis
Wheels: Norton vitrified CBN
Material: cast iron and steel
Operation: journal grind
Filter: vacuum paper bed
C270 did away with rusted parts
and costly parts reworks.
©2019 Master Fluid Solutions. Master Fluid Solutions® and TRIM® are registered
trademarks of Master Chemical Corporation d/b/a Master Fluid Solutions. 2019-11-29
OvOerv ethre t hLeo nLgo nHga Hulaul
12 months
8 months
Every 3 months
When a worldwide manufacturer of engines
had a problem, TRIM® experts had the solution.
Downtime for Cleanouts Down by 400%
Going the distance: Chinese Diesel Engine Manufacturer Improved Sump Life www.masterfluidsolutions.com/na/en-us/
©2019 Master Fluid Solutions. Master Fluid Solutions® and TRIM® are registered
trademarks of Master Chemical Corporation d/b/a Master Fluid Solutions. 2019-11-26
Application Specifications
Grinder: Landis, Schleifring
Wheels: vitrified CBN
Material: steel
Operation: journal, lobe grind
Filter: paper media
Does your coolant
go the distance?
Have our team of Camshaft/Crankshaft
Grinding Experts baseline your operation.
Call 800-874-0105 today to improve
your productivity
Eliminated need for costly additives
to control foam and bacteria
No foaming problems meant
no sump pumpout downtime
Solution: Starting in 2003, TRIM® C270 was used in a group of existing Landis
grinders. Impressive results led to C270 replacing other coolants throughout the
plant. When new Schleifring grinders were installed, C270 was their fluid of choice.
Problem: This Chinese diesel engine manufacturer needed to improve their overall
camshaft/crankshaft grinding process and reduce costs. They’d used both an
expensive, high-tech, semisynthetic coolant and a less expensive local blend; both
had problems with foam and short sump life.
Having eliminated foaming, the need for additives, and having improved sump life,
the manufacturer now uses C270 exclusively in their entire grinding process — over
100 machines of various sizes.
Going the Distance
When a global engine and parts manufacturer
had a problem, TRIM® experts had the solution.
Improved Grinding & Reduced Costs
Don’t get it SIMPLY clean, get it Master STAGES™ REALLY clean! A customer using Simple Green asked
for a cleanabilty analysis of Simple
Green versus Master STAGES. Using
the LAB/TECH SERVICE Test Methods
Section 906, Master Fluid Solutions
professional chemists conducted blind
head-to-head tests of Master STAGES
CLEAN F2 and Task2 Grime Fighter
against Simple Green Industrial
Cleaner and Degreaser.
The results speak for themselves. Both
Master STAGES CLEAN F2 and Task2
Grime Fighter remarkably
outperformed Simple Green in
cleaning various machine shop soils.
and have cleaner machines, parts,
and workplace with Master STAGES.
Save money and maintenance time
Chlorinated Oil
Hydraulic Oil
Sulferized Oil
Used Motor Oil
Fluid Residue
TEST RESULTS at 5% product dilution with water
Master STAGES Simple Green
Task2 Grime Fighter
Make it easy to boost your bottom line –
with Master STAGES.
Test procedures: Steel test strips were submerged in mixtures of chlorinated, hydraulic,
sulfurized, and tramp oils to replicate standard machine shop soils, cured for 24 hours, then
cleaned with the respective cleaners. Products were tested with 5%,10%, and 20% dilutions
of deionized water and tested at 50°C for five minutes. Product performance was similar at
all dilutions per the above chart (10% and 20% dilution results not shown for lack of space)
©2019 Master Fluid Solutions. Master Fluid Solutions® is a registered trademarks of Master Chemical Corporation d/b/a Master Fluid
Solutions. Master STAGES™ and Task2™ are trademarks of Master Chemical Corporation d/b/a Master Fluid Solutions. 2019-10-16
= Completely Cleaned = Mostly Cleaned = Partially Cleaned
It’s that SIMPLE. Master STAGES™ Task 2™
and CLEAN F2™ out clean Simple Green.
The proof is in the CLEAN!
Don’t get it SIMPLY clean,
get it Master STAGES™ REALLY clean!
Completely Cleaned Mostly Cleaned Partially Cleaned
Ace Manufacturing of Cincinnati, Ohio | TRIM<sup>®</sup> MicroSol<sup>®</sup> 690XT Raised the Bar on Productivity www.masterfluidsolutions.com/na/en-us/ ©2015-2019 Master Fluid Solutions. TRIM® and MicroSol® are registered trademarks of Master Chemical
Corporation d/b/a Master Fluid Solutions. 2019-09-24
TRIM® MicroSol® 690XT produced
dramatic results for Ace Manufacturing
Ace Manufacturing of Cincinnati, Ohio had been running
another coolant with far less than desired results. They were
experiencing multiple problems: ”tap break and a real terrible
tool life”, along with problems with foam, shop uncleanliness,
rust on machines, and foul odor. Within weeks of beginning
their trial of MicroSol 690XT on three CNC machines, they
reported tool life was dramatically improved. Highly lubricious
MicroSol 690XT was keeping the machines lightly oiled,
rust-free, and definitely cleaner without any residue build up.
Tapping into fluid savings - and bonuses -
with MicroSol 690XT
Ace supervisor Chuck Adams says, ”We’re losing a lot of coolant
because it was foaming out of the side of the tanks, especially
the two Morey’s with the high-pressure units. We were losing
15 to 20 gallons a week just from overflow. Since we have
changed to MicroSol 690XT, we have no foam at all! Our
operators like the pleasant odor and the shop environment is
cleaner. We’re changing the entire shop over to MicroSol 690XT.”
”We were having a lot of tap wear and tap breaks trying to
tap titanium,” Chuck testifies. ”After putting in MicroSol 690XT,
tapping is much better, lubricity much higher, we’re having less
failure, and our taps are lasting a lot longer. We are not shutting
down to change tools as often, so we exceeded our production
target and got our bonus this past quarter!”
MicroSol 690XT, the problem solver
Ace Manufacturing’s CNC operator Phil Smith couldn’t be
more impressed with MicroSol 690XT’s performance. Phil
reports “Since we have switched to using MicroSol 690XT, it
has eliminated all my rust issues, all of my tapping and tooling
breakage problems, all the odor issues, and all of the foaming
issues! It has been a great coolant!”
Let MicroSol 690XT put you at the top of the pack!
Check out our MicroSol 690XT customer video testimonials at:
Chuck Adams, Machining Titanium with MicroSol® 690XT
Chuck Adams, Tapping into Fluid Savings with MicroSol® 690XT
Chuck Adams, Wants to Convert Whole Shop to MicroSol® 690XT
Phil Smith, Eliminates Tool Breaking Issues with MicroSol® 690XT
TRIM® MicroSol® 690XT
Raised the Bar
on Productivity
CNC Operator Phil Smith
Supervisor Chuck Adams
Tool Breakage Problems Eliminated
TRIM<sup>®</sup> MicroSol<sup>®</sup> 690XT Raised the Bar on Cleanliness www.masterfluidsolutions.com/na/en-us/ ©2015-2019 Master Fluid Solutions. TRIM® and MicroSol® are registered trademarks of Master Chemical
Corporation d/b/a Master Fluid Solutions. 2019-09-24
Ace Manufacturing enjoys keeping it clean
with the switch to TRIM® MicroSol® 690XT.
When Ace Manufacturing of Cincinnati, OH switched to
MicroSol 690XT shopwide, here is what Shop Supervisor Chuck
Adams reported...“after just the first couple weeks, the inside
of the machines, way covers, and jigs are rust free and the
machines are definitely a lot cleaner. It keeps the inside of the
machines lightly oiled with a light film, but there is no discoloration
or residue buildup.”
Chuck continues, “With the MicroSol 690XT, we have virtually
no residue in our machines. The operators like the coolant a
lot better because it keeps their machines clean and they don’t
have to work hard cleaning the parts after machining. Not only
are the parts themselves cleaner, but the smell’s better and the
workplace is cleaner.”
Choose MicroSol 690XT:
> highest lubricity MicroSol product for
markedly longer tool life and superior finish
> exceptional foam control, low carryoff
> dramatically extended sump life for
substantial savings on time and material
> soft aqueous film protects parts, keeps machines clean
> multimetal, multi-operation versatility
> superior corrosion inhibition on
ferrous and nonferrous metals
> nonchlorinated; no nitrates, triazine, phenol, or
sulphurized EP additives
> no need for tank-side biocides or fungicides
> boron- and halogen-free
Use MicroSol 690XT especially for:
> steel, stainless steel, copper, titanium and
aluminum alloys, and most composites
> high-pressure, low-foaming operations
Keep it really clean with MicroSol 690XT!
TRIM® MicroSol® 690XT
Raised the Bar
on Cleanliness
Typical semisynthetic
leaves sticky residue.
TRIM MicroSol 690 XT
keeps machines clean!
Check out our MicroSol 690XT customer video testimonials at:
Chuck Adams, Machining Titanium with MicroSol® 690XT
Chuck Adams, Tapping into Fluid Savings with MicroSol® 690XT
Chuck Adams, Wants to Convert Whole Shop to MicroSol® 690XT
Phil Smith, Eliminates Tool Breaking Issues with MicroSol® 690XT
Very Clean Machines
Process Improvement Results in $2400 a Day Savings PDF Case Study

Colmar Industrial Supplies, LLC
Based in Northbrook Illinois, Colmar Industrial Supplies (www.colmarindustrial.com) is an industrial distributor of metalworking tool and abrasives including:

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Illini Coolant Management Corporation
Illini Coolant Management Corporation (www.illinicoolant.com) is the Chicago Metro area’s complete coolant management resource. “Our goal is to provide our customers with much more than industrial cutting fluids,” said President of Illini Coolant Management, Max Bailey.

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For more information:
Master Chemical Corporation
501 West Boundary
Perrysburg, OH 43551-1200
Phone: 419-724-7729

Suruga USA CORP.

Process Improvement Results in $2400 a Day Savings

Using exactly the right coolant for the turning centers meant not having to stop to change tools and brush on tapping compound so frequently; helping Suruga pick up more than 2.5 hours per machine per shift—for a savings of about $2400 per day.

Addison, Illinois-based Suruga USA Corp.manufactures metal forming machinery and accessories, and special mechanical parts for factory automation. As sister company and sole distributor to Misumi USA, a subsidiary of the Misumi Corporation of Japan, Suruga’s mission is to provide highly original products with high quality, competitive prices and short delivery times. “Our customers want and need the finest quality parts possible when they are doing factory automation and we have both first class people and the tools here to provide just that,” said Wally Campbell, plant manager of Suruga USA.

Suruga manufactures precision plant automation components in lot sizes from one to more than 100 parts with very short lead time. The twin goals of very high quality and very short turn-around time leads Suruga to do much of its machining in the “hard”. Typical materials are 52100 at 58RC, 440C, A2, 304, and 316. “I have been making parts of one kind or another out of a wide variety of materials for more than thirty years,” said Mr. Campbell. “Each of the plants I have worked with in the past has had one or more tough jobs. Here we have very few easy jobs and we regard tapping the end of a 52100 shaft at 58RC as standard fare,” he said.

Combining tight tolerances and surface quality requirements with small lot sizes causes constant searches for better ways to produce parts. “One of the key goals of every modern manufacturer is to make a better part at lower cost,” said Wally Campbell. “I started looking at my costs and production choke points and realized I needed to focus on tapping the ends of the shafts because we make a lot of shafts and I was only getting a few parts per tap.”

Supply Chain Collaboration
Mr. Campbell brought in tooling professional, Jeff Whyle, of Colmar Industrial Supplies, for assistance. Colmar is a supplier to Suruga and prides itself on providing not only tools but creative solutions to process problems. “Suruga was spending more than 2 ½ hours every day shutting down machinery in order to apply and re-apply tapping compound,” said Mr. Whyle. “They were applying tapping compound manually and were not getting the expected tap life,” he said. The tapping fluid was causing other problems,” added Mr. Whyle. The tapping fluid was polluting the cutting fluid in the machine, degrading the coolant and causing rancidity. Lubrication is critical to the machining process—coating sliding surfaces, eliminating wear by carrying away the heat generated by friction, and helping to remove chips from the cutting zone. Jeff Whyle suggested involving an expert in coolant management and recommended Max Bailey, of Illini Coolant Management. “You can minimize coolant problems and increase throughput by partnering with an expert,” said Mr. Whyle.

Coolant management is the monitoring and control of all coolant-related variables to optimize tool life, increase productivity, improve the overall shop environment, and reduce coolant waste disposal problems. Control of these factors can yield significant bottom-line gains. Coolant contaminated with tramp oil in the coolant sump can develop bacteria, becoming rancid and foul smelling. Bacteria can be a major contributor to coolant failure. It chemically alters coolants and destroys the lubricants and corrosion inhibitors in the process. It can also pass off corrosive acids and salts into the coolant, which can lead to low pH and corrosion problems. Parts and tools can be contaminated causing damage or excessive wear. “Being a believer in optimizing the process as much as possible when I am tinkering, it only made sense to ask Max for help,” said Mr. Campbell. According to Mr. Campbell, partnering with a coolant distributor to identify the product best suited for the operation improves machining processes and lowers costs.

Illini Coolant Management is a Premier Distributor of Master Chemical Corporation’s TRIM® product line and prides itself on providing its customers with complete solutions. In addition to providing coolant, and the services needed to maintain coolant, Illini’s expertise extends to an understanding of machining processes. According to President, Max Bailey, “Illini has spent many years developing a network of relationships with other vendors including tooling companies like Colmar, grinding wheel specialists, and waste haulers. We have a good working relationship with Colmar,” said Mr. Bailey. “We are able to assist Colmar’s customers when they have coolant management issues and we call on Colmar when our customers have tooling issues,” he continued. As a Master Chemical Corporation Metalworking Fluids Specialist, Max Bailey has undergone years of training in cutting and grinding issues, coolant management and recycling, and methods to diagnose and fix coolant-related function problems. “Master Chemical teaches its distributors to identify and solve cutting fluid problems in the field. We are trained to understand not only cutting and grinding and coolant-related problems but machinery issues as well,” said Max Bailey. “We don’t provide cookie cutter solutions,” he continued. “We are prepared to analyze a customer problem, review the range of possible solutions, and make our recommendation. According to Mr. Bailey, Illini offers a no-cost risk proposition. “We’ll come in and do all the work. We’ll guarantee the product and if the product doesn’t work, we’ll remove it, so the customer risks nothing,” he stated.

Cost Savings Realized
Max Bailey ran tests and assessed the situation. At this point—while using a tapping compound that had to be applied manually—the tapping operation was averaging four parts per tap at a cost of approximately $23 each. Stopping to change taps and apply tapping compound was costing Suruga an average of two and a half hours per machine, on ten machines, running two shifts. “Solving cutting fluid problems can seem pretty straight forward,” said Max Bailey. “But the process is complex. Machining coolants come in a range of chemical compositions and you need to match the properties of the fluid with the demands of the job,” he concluded.

After reviewing test results Mr. Bailey proposed a different solution. “We elected to proceed with a high-lubricity, low-foam synthetic, because it had the potential to be used across the board—eliminating the need to manage three different fluids,” said Mr. Campbell. “We chose a TRIM synthetic coolant that approaches the machining performance of premium soluble oils. Even with its very high performance, the coolant meets or exceeds the most stringent environmental standards,” he stated. As soon as the product had been chosen, Illini Coolant Management technicians cleaned a machine to conduct a trial and recharged with the new TRIM fluid.

More than a year later, Wally Campbell is still pleased with the solution. Eliminating the noncompatible tapping compound has saved time and increased productivity as well as extending the sump life and reducing fluid contamination. Suruga has standardized using the TRIM product. “The TRIM coolant is about 15% more expensive on average than the products it replaced,” observed Mr. Campbell. “However, we use about 40% fewer gallons and the machines are running cleaner with less odor,” he concluded.

Additional Benefits: Savings in Cost AND Time Savings
Illini Coolant Management continues to identify changes to further improve processes for future cost savings. Suruga has added eight small, inexpensive coalescing units designed for sump-side use with a flow rate of 1.5 U.S. gpm (5.6 lm). The Sump Side Coalescer™ was developed by Master Chemical Corporation (the originators of coolant recycling) to meet the needs of any metalworking plant for a simple, effective, low-cost tramp oil separator. The Sump Side Coalescer will process machine tool coolants to remove tramp oils and fines and provide clean, reusable coolant.

Wally Campbell can list the benefits of the fluid change. They include longer tool life, improved part quality, reduced rejects and scrap, less machine downtime, and improved work environment. Suruga’s average tap life is up from four parts to more than 30. The cost per tapped hole has gone from $5.75 to $.77 per hole. As a result of not stopping so frequently to change tools and brush on tapping compound, the company has picked up more than 2.5 hours per machine, per shift, for a savings of about $2400 per day. “Using this TRIM product has resulted in finding the equivalent of three new machining centers worth of capacity without spending a dollar in capital,” stated Wally Campbell.

TRIM® and XYBEX® are registered trademark of Master Chemical Corporation
The Sump Side Coalescer™ is a trademark of Master Chemical Corporation
©2008 Master Chemical Corporation   |  www.masterchemical.com  |  PDF/Download Help  |   2008-05-21



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Colmar Industrial Supplies, LLC
Based in Northbrook Illinois, Colmar Industrial Supplies (www.colmarindustrial.com) is an industrial distributor of metalworking tool and abrasives including:

    * Cutting Tools-HSS and Carbides
    * Indexable Carbide Tooling
    * Abrasives
    * Workholding and Toolholding
    * Measuring Tools
    * Shop Supplies
    * Machinery

As a child, Colmar President Aaron Shapiro’s basement had toys on one half and tools on the other. His father had started a company that sold tools out of the back of his station wagon, and used the basement for overstock. By age 12, he was grinding points on used taper shank drills to makeup sets. Mr. Shapiro’s father always said that customers were loyal to distributors that save them money.

Today Aaron Shapiro understands that if a distributor provides the tools and services that deliver value and cost reductions to the customer, the distributor’s business will grow. “In the 25 years I have been in the Industrial Distribution industry, I have learned to empathize with the customer,” said Mr. Shapiro. “I know if I can't bring more value to my customer than the competitors, the competitors will get the orders,” he stated.

The Colmar philosophy is that the people who actually run a company are its customers. Colmar works to earn the customer’s trust by providing the highest quality tools and by being creative problem solvers. “Part of the value we provide is our knowledgeable, experienced staff and our understanding of industrial processes,” said Mr. Shapiro. Colmar has built a strong business network and partners with colleagues to provide customers with expert solutions to machining problems.
©2008 Master Chemical Corporation   |  www.masterchemical.com  |  PDF/Download Help  |   2008-05-21



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Illini Coolant Management Corporation
Illini Coolant Management Corporation (www.illinicoolant.com) is the Chicago Metro area’s complete coolant management resource. “Our goal is to provide our customers with much more than industrial cutting fluids,” said President of Illini Coolant Management, Max Bailey. Illini Coolant Management Corporation’s expertise extends well beyond coolant management and recycling and methods of diagnosing and fixing coolant-related function problems to include cutting and grinding issues and a solid understanding of machining processes. Illini has built a network of vendor relationships including tooling, grinding, and waste, which enables it to provide complete solutions for its customers. “Our customers know that when you buy a drum of coolant from Illini you’re getting much more than the coolant,” he stated.

Managing coolants effectively and proactively can improve processes and lower cost. According to R. Eric Bevevino, CLS, U.S. companies lose an estimated $4 billion annually by not adhering to a proactive coolant maintenance approach and responding to ensuing lubrication-related failures. “Among the benefits of single-source coolant management are single-source responsibility and environmental compliance,” said Mr. Bailey. “Not to mention the savings in process efficiencies,” he added.

Illini Coolant Management has both the technology and expertise needed to maintain the daily requirements of industrial metalworking equipment. As a Premier Distributor of TRIM brand fluids and XYBEX recycling equipment from Master Chemical Corporation, Illini personnel has undergone extensive training. Master Chemical’s training programs are based on 50 years of research and studies in the metalworking industry. Illini Coolant Management’s experienced technicians use Master Chemical’s portable recycling equipment for in-plant coolant recycling services.

The company maintains a state-of-the-art laboratory, constructed in cooperation with Master Chemical Corporation, for the purpose of conducting coolant testing, which helps maintain optimum coolant performance. Illini’s onsite coolant recycling allows the customer to benefit from the cost savings of recycling fluid without a capital investment. Cost savings are realized in the reduction of waste disposal and eliminating the cost of replacing reusable coolant. The company offers economical programs to meet customers’ specific needs. Illini Coolant can help control metalworking fluids and meet water minimization goals, whether a facility includes one, or hundreds of machine tools. Illini Coolant Management’s services include tank-to-tank centrifugation of fluids, centrifugation of fluids from machine tool reservoirs, cleaning of machine tool reservoirs, and the full cleaning of machine tools.

Illini Coolant Management is so confident in the quality of its products and services that it offers a no-risk guarantee. “We will come in and do all the work,” said Max Bailey. We guarantee the product and if the product doesn’t work we’ll remove it so you risk nothing.” According to Mr. Bailey, this customer-focused approach combined with the high quality Master Chemical TRIM fluids and XYBEX recycling equipment has been spectacularly successful.
©2008 Master Chemical Corporation   |  www.masterchemical.com  |  PDF/Download Help  |   2008-05-21
$2400 per Day Savings
A Light Construction Manufacturer Builds Their Bottom Line. A Light Construction Manufacturer
Builds Their Bottom Line.
Case History
A manufacturer of light construction/excavation
vehicles with two large Midwestern facilities
was looking for cost savings and measurable
performance improvements.
Critical steps of preparation, cleanout, and conversion
were carefully planned to minimize customer
downtime and ensure a problem-free conversion.
The Master Chemical Partnership Process
With meticulous preparation, MCC works with potential, new,
and existing customers through cost analysis, projected tooling
savings, product comparisons, and planning prior to the
process of cleanout and the conversion to the MCC fluid.
Cost Analysis
MCC collected customer data of their current system;
including coolant usage, cleanouts, and time required.
Based on these values, calculations show that by converting
to TRIM® MicroSol® 585, along with an improved fluid
management program, the customer could save at least
$267,000 per year in fluid costs.
Additionally, pilot testing was conducted on the customer’s
machines using MicroSol 585 and projected tooling savings
between 20 and 30 percent.
Master Chemical Corporation
partners with existing and
prospective clients, investing
our time and experience
to help customers improve
their bottom line.
Status Proposal
Total sumpage 6000 6000
Average per gallon cost of coolant
per total sumpage $0.91 $1.22
Gallons of coolant concentrate
used for makeup per year 23,040 15,360
Gallons of coolant concentrate
used for charging sumps per year 1,260 960
Cost of makeup concentrate per year $264,960 $215,040
Cost of charging concentrate per year $14,490 $13,440
Coolant disposal costs per year $1,800 $1,200
Total coolant cost per year $281,250 $229,680
Overhead cost due to
major cleanout downtime $288,000 $144,000
Overhead costs due to recycling
pumpout downtime per year $216,000 $144,000
Total metalworking fluid cost per year $785,250 $517,680
The Maste r Chemical DIFFERENCE –
annual sa vin gs $267,570
© 2007, Master Chemical Corporation. TRIM® and MicroSol® are
registered trademarks of Master Chemical Corporation. 5/15/07
30% Reduction
20% Reduction
0 $200,000 $400,000 $600,000 $800,000 $1,000,000 $1,200,000 $1,400,000
Reductions Reductions in Changeover Costs in Tooling Costs
Savings in
Savings in
Estimated cost savings were projected based on testing on customer’s machines.
Savings are calculated on a one changeover/
day/machine/plant baseline, assuming
90% plant utilization.
Annual baseline annual cost of $2.3 million
0 $100,000 $200,000 $300,000 $400,000 $500,000 $600,000 $700,000 $800,000
Total Coolant Cost
Overhead Cost Due to Major Cleanout Downtime
Overhead Cost Due to Recycling Pumpout Downtime
The Master Chemical Difference
The Master Chemical
$229,680 $144,000 $144,000
$281,250 $288,000 $216,000
Proven Results
The plant manger reported that for the first time in 22 years
he received a letter from a union leader complimenting them
on a job that was in progress. The union leader wrote to
say he was extremely pleased with the job MCC and the
manufacturer were doing for the workers – including the
pre-planning and training; and that employees continued to
comment about the great job that MCC did conducting
12 safety training sessions of more than 230 employees.
Their labor relations supervisor commented, “I just wanted to
pass on a conversation I had regarding the coolant change
process which got underway today.” He expressed gratitude
to MCC in the communication process that kept him and
the union informed and the effort made to utilize their own
people as much as possible. Furthermore, he stated that he
“appreciated this whole process and looked forward to doing
it in the future when there are changes in order to avoid
potential issues or grievances.”
Another Satisfied Customer
TRIM MicroSol 585 is performing above expectations.
The manufacturer is achieving better machinability at all
levels – expecting improved overall performance in most
noncutting functions and realizing tool cost savings
between 20 and 30 percent.
Value-added Service Leads
To Customer Satisfaction
TRIM® MicroSol® 585.
The clean performance of a synthetic
AND the protection of a soluble oil.
n Clean running – keeps machines and parts clean,
reduces post-machining operations, and cleaning costs
n Excellent lubricity – multi-metal compatibility, superior
machining performance, and corrosion resistance
n Machine protection – protects machine tools and
parts like a soluble oil without the oily residue
n Biostable – for lower risk, longer sump life, minimized
disposal requirements
n Minimized residue on machines and parts for a
cleaner work environment
MicroSol 585.
Innovation that pays off on your bottom line.
$267,000 Saved Annually
Reduction in Use & Disposal of Cleaner Chemistry: $590.635 Saved Annually Reduction in Use & Disposal of Cleaner Chemistry
$590.635 Saved Annually
United Technologies Corporation: $2.65 Million Saved Annually Maximizing Productivity – Minimizing Waste.sm
TRIM® is a registered trademark of Master Chemical Corporation
Maximizing Productivity – Minimizing WasteSM is a service mark of
Master Chemical Corporation
© 2006 Master Chemical Corporation • Revised 5-11-06
501 West Boundary
Perrysburg, OH 43551-1263
Phone: 419-874-7902
Fax: 419-874-0684
Visit us on the web:
Before: $2.8 Million
After: $700,000
Before: 600 Machine Tools
After: 350 Machine Tools
Before: 600 Drums
After: 42 Drums
Before: Six Workers Required
After: Three Workers Required
Before: 1 Million Pounds
After: 30,000 Pounds
Ongoing $2.65 Million Saved
at a Single Plant
With Master Chemical’s assistance
Hamilton-Sundstrand, a division of
United Technologies Corporation,
established a coolant committee with
representatives from plant management,
health and safety, manufacturing,
maintenance, and
machine operators.
The program
• MCC-provided
training sessions
• Implementation of
ongoing recycling systems
• Monitoring of coolant and machine
sump conditions
The following results where obtained:
$2.1 Million Saved
of 42%
$301,320 Saved
A Savings of $46,746
$210,000 Saved
$2.65M Saved Annually

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